Silica bags: a thousand and one uses of silica gel

Silica sachets can be reused in a number of ways. check out

Silica bags

Silica bag, silica gel or silica gel (in informal writing): do you know what it is? Perhaps there is no direct association with the name, but everyone has come across one of them at least once, whether in bags of bags, medicine or new shoes. Silica gel sachets are desiccant, absorb moisture and prolong the life of objects. Therefore, they are placed in boxes or other containers of moisture sensitive products. They can absorb up to 40% of their own weight in water vapor.

As most people do not know what these silica sachets are for, many end up in the common trash can, when they could have several other functions. Silica can be used in places that need conservation, such as drawers, wardrobes, safes, etc.

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Check out some options on how to reuse the silica bags:

  1. In pictures and photographs, place a folded silica bag to avoid possible mold;
  2. Keep it with your camera. If the lens is wet, the sachet will absorb moisture to prevent your lens from fogging up;
  3. In toolboxes, silica gel prevents them from rusting;
  4. Drying electronic items such as cell phones and iPods (see video above);
  5. Store animal feed in cans and place silica gel (in a sachet) on top to prevent it from withering or molding;
  6. When traveling, put some silica sachets inside your luggage;
  7. Leather shoes and jackets can mold easily. Keep them together with silica bags to prolong their shelf life;
  8. Place a sachet on your car's dashboard. On rainy days, silica gel helps keep the windshield clean and clear;
  9. Protect personal and important documents by placing the silica sachet wherever they are stored;
  10. Use the silica bag to dry flowers;
  11. Hide some bags on the windowsills to banish condensation;
  12. Place the silica gel sachets in jewelry boxes and other silverware to avoid stains;
  13. Open the sachets and saturate the solid gel with essential oils to create a potpourri;
  14. Gather your razor blades and keep them in a container with several packets of silica to prevent oxidation;
  15. For videotape collectors, your VHS will last much longer with the silica bags;
  16. Keep seeds free of moisture until you are ready to plant them. Add a packet of silica gel to each vial or bag of seeds;
  17. In general, when the silica gel is pink, it means it is already too wet, but there is a way to recycle it. To do this, you should provide heat resistant gloves, a glass jar or pot (or any container that can withstand the heat), and a tungsten bulb of about 150 watts. Then place the silica gel in the container and insert the lamp in the same place. Turn on the lamp and leave it on for approximately 3 hours. Moisture will evaporate, and your gel will return to a blue color. Allow it to cool down and use the silica gel again.

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