Eight attitudes that help prevent ocean pollution

These tips can help you have a more sustainable attitude towards the ocean


The environmental organization Ocean Conservancy he listed eight attitudes anyone could take to prevent ocean pollution. The list is made up of simple and even everyday attitudes that prevent pollutants from reaching the seas. So let's go to the list:

  1. Use reusable water bottles instead of PET bottles. Plastic is one of the biggest environmental problems in oceans, being harmful to fauna and causing enormous damage to the ecosystem - find out more in "Microplastics: one of the main pollutants in the oceans".
  2. Write to politicians and leaders in your region about initiatives that can prevent pollutants from your city reaching the oceans.
  3. join the program Singn Up to Clean Up. The program consists of cleaning beaches and covers several countries, including Brazil. However, if you avoid littering at sea on vacation, you are already contributing. Access the program.
  4. If you are a smoker, use butt holders or butt holders. Butts are not biodegradable and are a major environmental problem. Learn more in "Cigarette Butt: A Great Environmental Villain".
  5. Separate recyclable waste. Acquiring this habit will be a huge step towards contributing to the environment.
  6. Use a coffee mug or water at work, picnic items, and reusable shopping bags. Items that can be reused numerous times avoid the consumption and excessive disposal of materials.
  7. Buy less. This reduces the amount of manufactured items that end up at sea.
  8. Last but not least, send emails to companies asking them to reduce the volume of their packaging and create new ones that are biodegradable.

Source: Ocean Conservancy

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