Clothes Washing Tips

Learn how to wash clothes more sustainably in the machine

eCycle researched some tips on how to wash clothes with less impact and waste. There are several ways to catch up on household chores without harming nature. Here, we're going to prioritize choices that won't weigh you down either.

washing machine efficiency

The ideal is to use powdered soap that has less phosphate in its composition and prefer those in which the raw material is natural. For example: instead of glycerin, it is more advisable to use coconut oil. Avoid products with chlorine and bleaching agents - they tend to be more harmful to the environment.

Be sure to wash your clothes only when there are lots of dirty items, enough to fill the drum's maximum capacity. Frequent use impairs the life of the machine and small washings use soap and water unnecessarily. Let's remember that the production of a washing machine emits CO 2 . So the more we conserve our home appliance, the better for the planet.

Hot water

Only use hot water for washes that are really necessary, such as towels, sheets and underwear. The high temperature is bactericidal, but it is not necessary to use this feature in everyday clothes. By the way, hot water tends to shrink garments and reduce their useful life.


If the clothes are very dirty, it is interesting to leave them to soak for a few hours before washing. Thus, the dirt comes off and comes out easier with just one wash. This practice also eliminates the use of bleach and saves on the shopping list.

Dry only on the clothesline

Clothes that dry naturally are healthier and more ecological. Sun and ventilation are bactericidal and deodorizing agents, making fabrics less prone to mites and smelling better. ;Drying machines must be avoided. ;If there is no clothesline or place to hang clothes, try using clothes hangers or clothes horses and leave the items near a window. A draft is needed otherwise the pieces are smelly.

For the proper functioning of the washing machine, it is interesting to program it to centrifuge only with water and half a glass of vinegar, once a month, this helps to remove excess soap and grease, ensuring good performance of the appliance and preventing clogging in the dirty water flow pipe. Also check out our Soap Guide and see how to better choose your products.

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